Tokyo Little House is an accommodation
and tourist space located in a 70-year old house
in central Tokyo’s Akasaka district.

Downstairs is cafe and gallery;
Upstairs, a private hotel.

Since 1948, our little house has watched the city change.


Long a thriving pleasure district behind the national parliament, Akasaka came to symbolize the city’s postwar rebirth. Our little house, now surrounded by the bustle of different tongues and blazing lights, was built three years after the war when the area was still a field of ruins.

We spent half a year renovating this home to three generations so that visitors may glimpse Tokyo as it was seen by those who lived through the city’s postwar journey, from the darkness of ruins to the glimmer of today’s neon lights.


Located at the heart of ever-changing Tokyo, the second floor is now a private accommodation for up to five guests. The living room’s wooden windows, mud walls and family heirlooms recall the atmosphere of seven decades ago, perched just above the modern street below.

The fully-renovated space features modern amenities including a new shower and kitchen to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Make this your home to explore the past and present layers of Tokyo.

Temporarily Closed for Renovation Work.

Reopening is anticipated in summer 2024.


In the first-floor cafe space, guests and other visitors can enjoy curated exhibits on Tokyo’s history and leaf through a library of books, old magazines, maps, and other rare documents that reveal the city as it was seen by the residents, occupiers, and visitors of the past (guests may also borrow books during their stay).

Temporarily Closed for Renovation Work.

Reopening is anticipated in summer 2024.


3-6-12 Akasaka Minato, Tokyo 107-0052

5 min. from Akasaka-mitsuke Station (Ginza & Marunouchi Lines)

3 min. from Akasaka Station (Chiyoda Line)

5 min. from Tameike-sanno Station (Namboku Line)

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